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Sharp End 2010 – present

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On Monday nights at 1040pm on ITV Cymru Wales I host Sharp End featuring interviews and reports on Welsh politics which I discuss with a panel of politically-minded guests. You can watch all of them online by clicking here. If that’s not enough for you, click here and keep scrolling down and you’ll find programmes going back several years!

Adrian’s Welsh Bites 2017


In this series, it’s not just politicians that I’ve been cooking with. Sports stars, pop stars and weather presenters share their cooking skills with me. Funnily enough, mine aren’t getting any better. Watch me make soup and meringue with Ian H. Watkins of Steps fame here. Simon Weston here Colin Jackson is here Tanni Grey Thompson is here Sian Lloyd here  and Neil and Christine Hamilton here. 



Adrian’s Election Biteselection-bites-title


I like to think I know the leaders of Wales’ largest parties well. Over the years I’ve covered their policy launches, their manifesto pledges; I know what their parties stand for and I know what their opponents think about them.

But that was before I spent time making omelettes with them, washed and chopped potatoes for them, grated parsnips for what felt like hours and stirred the sauces for Lasagne and Sloppy Joes.

I’ve now seen a whole new side to them, spending a few hours in the kitchen, outside (mostly) their comfort zones and mine, away from the Assembly chamber and the campaign trail.

You can watch episode 1 by clicking here and click through the links to watch episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, episode 5 and episode 6. 

Adrian’s Referendum Bites


You can watch Referendum Bites by clicking here. 

Welsh Leaders Debate 2016


20/04/2016 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff ITV Cymru Wales – The Welsh Leaders Debate, Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff

Once I left their kitchens, the six leaders and I met in a more formal setting, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for a live debate in prime time on ITV Cymru Wales. You can watch all two hours of it by clicking here.

Adrian’s Election Adventure


In the run-up to the 2015 UK Election, I travelled the length and breadth of Wales for this four-part series. The aim was politics without politicians. You can watch all four episodes by clicking here.

Wales Election Debate

22/04/2015 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff. MANDATORY BYLINE - Huw John, Cardiff itv Wales - The Wales Election Debate at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama mail: Web:

22/04/2015 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff.

Six leaders, two hours of live TV election debate at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. You can watch all two hours of it here.

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Face to Face Gower

I was lucky enough to present three series of this half-hour interview programme. It’s rare to get chance for 5-minute interviews let alone anything longer. They’re all online for you to watch if you have a few days spare!

Click here to watch the 2014 series (4 programmes). Click here.

2013 series (9 programmes) click here.

For the 2012 series (14 programmes) click here.


Who Runs Wales?


The clue’s in the title of this special edition of Wales This Week from 2012 in which I try to find out, well, who runs Wales. More details here.